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Overview of Right-angle Gearbox

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Overview of Right-angle Gearbox

The horizontal shaft of series H right angle gearbox is direxct connected with  a diesel, a horizontal type motor, a turbine, etc. Prime mover and after  acceleration(or deceleration) the power is exported by the Vertical shaft. The series  H right angle gearboxes are used for deep well pumps, axial pumps, inclined flow  pumps, major axis pumps, sub-fluid pumps and other a variety of vertical shaft  working machines to be driven and speed to be changed. They are used in a variety  of fields such as: hydraulic engineering, municipal water supply and sewage  disposal, smelter, mining area, petroleum and chemistry industry, fire protection  and oceaneering, etc.. A variety of type and transmission ratios are available to  meet specific requirements of high and low speed prime movers and working  machines. Large capacity thrust bearings make the structure of working machine to  be simplified. The series gearboxes have featuies of wide application range,  economy, highly efficient, space-saving, and the ability to function well under  varying climatic conditios.  


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